"Moartea este un fenomen simplu in natura, numai oamenii il vad inspaimantator." Marin Preda

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Fostul presedinte ceh, Vaclav Havel a murit la varsta de 75 ani in urma unei pneumonii. El marcat istoria contemporana atat a Cehoslovaciei dar si a lumii intregi. A fost figura proeminenta a Europei de Est, fiind artizanul Revolutiei de Catifea din Cehoslovacia, dar si cel care a reusit scindarea Cehoslovaciei fara nicio varsare de sange. Intreaga lume este astazi in doliu!

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  1. Honorable says:

    Great post Pop!Like I have mentioned to you beorfe, the Country ceased to be the Country envisioned by the founders, since the loss of the Civil War.Teaching kids that the Civil War was fought over Slavery is a lie that covers the truth. Sort of like the outer chocolate on a candy bar. If the South was guilty of Slavery then what does that make the North? When it comes to Slavery and the States, the North was the drug dealer, and the South was the addict. I fear one day the entire war will not only be nothing but two paragraphs in American History books, but it will be written out completely.

  2. most says:

    Gosh, I wish I would have had that information earlier!

  3. Stands back from the keyboard in amazement! Thanks!

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